Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yoko from Gurren Lagann

Full Name: Yoko Littner
Village: Ritona

Specialty: Sharp Shooter using long Rifle
Appears in: Gurren Lagann (Anime & Manga)

For any red-hot blooded boy, Yoko is a dream come true. She is smoking hot and knows how to fire a "gun" with amazing accuracy. She is independent, smart, but also has a soft side to her that she hides. Even when she looses the man she loved, she turns it around and keeps moving forward. Hell, any woman that can walk around in a bikini top, short shorts and boots everyday is on my list.

It is interesting seeing how she evolves throughout the anime. From a simple gun toting wild woman to a soft hearted woman to a fiery Hells Angel to a simple school teacher back to an arse kicking lady to Space Woman to Teacher again in the end - wow.

I have gathered some shots of her in the anime, some artwork by others, girls cosplaying as her and statues.

Yoko at the begining of Series

Oops - how embarassing

Yoko as a Teacher

Going back to Shooting Gunman

Space Yoko - WOW!


Boota - you are so lucky!

TWINS > oh my!

Cool Figurines

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