Friday, June 26, 2009

Basquash! Episode 5 Review

Previous episode: We left off with Iceman, Dunk Master & Sela playing a street ball game. Dunk Master (Dan) had just fired off the ball and it is bouncing around the city like a pinball.

We see the Princess wake up from a dream and now she is missing. Everyone is frantic to find her, but she has left the castle to see what she is feeling.

We open with "The Worst" winning a 3 on 3 on 3 street ball game. They are approached by Haruka to play a game with Iceman, Sela & Dan. We flashback to the game from last episode and the police are fast approaching. Even after 10 days, Dan is still upset that she stopped the game before the police got there. Haruka arrives and shows that everyone is now playing street ball and getting better at it than them. She tells them that they have to get back into the game.

Getting back on track

Dan is still upset about not finishing the previous battle (get over yourself dude). She lays down the law and tells them they will play a game that everyone can enjoy. They take all the Big Foot's including Dans Dangan-Go to be worked on - much to his dislike. He then ends up chasing Iceman & Sela to a rematch which he is turned down by both. This even makes him more upset about everything. Team "The Worst" shows up to challenge them. Then a scene where they are talking about the princess escaping and her sister (I am guessing) saying that she will be fine. We are taken back to the city where we see Flora fishing.

Where has Flora gone?

The Worst show up and "try" to tell Dan where the match will be, but he wants nothing to do with them. Dan then gets upset and gets in a fight with them and loses REALLY BAD! While Haruka wants to talk with the Mayor.

Looks like "The Worst" are pretty bad

Coco finds the Flora and offers her some food not realising who she is. Flora runs off and Coco tries to find her. Instead of finding her, she find her brother and immediately speeds away. Dan tries to talk with her, but bundles it up pretty bad. He has a vision and now wants to ride his Bog Foot again, but where is it. He bumps into his pet Spanky who tells him of his adventure which happens to note where the Big Foot are. He finds them and the upgrades which include a better communication system and controllers which resemble a basketball.

New Toys

We find that they took them to the Bad Zone to get the parts to upgrade. We then see the The Worst has shown up to play. Haruka is trying to get the Mayor permission to play Street Ball legally. But as it turns out, the kids start playing before she can finish. So the battle is on and the city shows up for the big game. The city is all lite up again for this and kind of surprises the players.


Scene cuts to Flora who is being hounded by some street thugs.She is rescued by one of The Worst players who throws a ball at the thugs. The Coca shows up after the fact to help. We go back to the game which is getting very exciting as Dan is telling his players where to head to. He is planning to pass the ball so as to score so they can win the game.

Coco and Flora are trying to catch up to the game "Baquaska . . .Baquaska . . Baquaska". Haruka is upset that she could not get the permissions from the Mayor as she wanted to start a Global Business with them.We find that the basket goal is actually a statue on the Mayor building - lets just say it is no longer there now! Thus ends the first game with the winner Dunk Master.

Keep reaching for the Moon!

We cut to a scene where someone from the Moon is looking down at the game. They wonder if he is the Legend?

Until next game!

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