Thursday, June 04, 2009

Looking for Anime Music?

I had a heck of a time finding my favorite anime soundtrack movies. Also known as Original SoundTrack or OST's. I had some, but could never afford the imports from Japan which ran $35 and up for a single CD. I finally came across a site called AnimeOSTs! Best part is that it is free to join and hang out.

They have an extensive list of not only anime ost's but also singles. I have to say that this is by and large the best site to find those hard to find songs. Not only can you sample the songs, but they have links for you to purchase them from as well. I like to sample some of the songs so I do not get stuck with a CD for only one song.

This is actually the third incarnation of the site (that I am aware of since joining) due to the site domain running out and some dummass cybersquating it. I have freely uploaded some of my OST's to them so that others can check out the tunes.

I have also enjoyed the forum to review things with others. I have even assisted with some of the signature pics and avatars. One of their contests I actually came in third for which was a pretty high honor for me.

So if you can not find that song from that anime that you really want > then check them out as they probably have it. If not, ask on the forum if anyone has it.

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