Saturday, June 13, 2009

Metroid Prime Samus Phazon Suit Statue

I don't have any new figures in as yet, but I wanted to review the Metroid Prime Samus Phazon Suit Statue. I have seen other lighted statues before, but this one really grabbed my attention.

I have to admit that if I had the funds, this would be my next purchase. It looks okay when it is standing on its own, but turn on the lights and BAM! This turns into an out of this world statue. With the mirrored base, this really shines as a top notice design. First 4 Figures worked with the official game files in order to make this design as close to game design as possible.

Here is a quote on the inner workings of the design:

"We completely reengineered the original Varia suit model to make the Phazon suit by casting it entirely in transparent resin, adding over 25 LED lights through the suit and finished it off by adding a mirror base which really shows off the lights. When the lights are turned off, an internal IC chip allows for the lights to fade out slowly."

Height: 11.5 inches across the base
SRP: $224.00

Available:July 2009

Other: Highly limited at just 1500 pieces worldwide

Nice Closeup

Side View showing the Action Pose

Front Lighted with Effects Added

Showing Lighted Back

Side by Side Comparison


  1. I think that price justify the quality and the detail this figure is worth and with the LED lights as well.
    I already own Skull Kid and to other another F4F figure is most likely if they keep this kinda effort up.

  2. I read a review for the first one that thought it was excellent :

    Different color scheme + lights? yes plz


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