Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Ramen Girl

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
An American woman is stranded in Tokyo after breaking up with her boyfriend. Trying to find a purpose or reason in her predicament, she sees a Ramen Shop that seems to be calling her. She ends up training to be a Ramen Chef under a very demanding Japanese Master.
Movie Rating: PG-13

This has had many people saying it is similar feel to the movie "Lost in Translation". I have seen that movie and thought you have the issue with a language barrier, this is much different to me. The Ramen Girl definitely shows you more of what it must feel like to be an outsider.

It seem that Brittany Murphy plays the role a lot recently of the not too bright girlfriend. She gets dumped by her boyfriend and is in a bad position in life. Then to them make a 180 degree turn around by the end of the movie.

I liked this movie because it made you understand what it must feel like not to be understood. The language barrier between Abby (Brittany Murphy) and Maezumi (Toshiyuki Nishida) is a real laugh factory as he is cursing her and she just gives him those "what are you saying" eyes. She is trying to learn how to make ramen while he is just hating the fact she is not listening to anything he says. I can not remember how many times Maezumi says "baka" in this.

There are even some additional side characters which should of gotten more exposure that Abby meets while in Tokyo. They are Gretchen who is Hostess (Tammy Blanchard) and Charlie (Daniel Evans). These two characters do give the movie some more spice and would of hoped to have seen more from them.

Of course Abby does meet the right guy Toshi Iwamoto (Sohee Park) while out with Charlie and Gretchen. He ends up leaving her as well, but not because he wants to. Seems his job is sending him away for 3 years and you can never say "no" when you are a Salaryman.

So as it goes, Abby does learn to make Ramen, goes back to the US an opens a shop. I could include more details of the in-between stuff, but I do not want to spoil it of for ya. So got out and rent or buy this as it is a keeper. I even learned some Japanese watching this. Which is a good thing!

Boyfriend leaves her

Why are you so mean to me!

Trying to explain and she not understanding

This shot is from a Deleted Scene

Overall Rating: B

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