Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Transformer USB Drives

So how many Transformer Toys do you have? Don't you just wish there was a gadget that actually worked that was a transformer and not all those toys?

Well. just when you thought the Transformer Stuff could not get any cooler - IT DOES! They have create a 2GB USB drives that you can transform. You even have a choice between 2 different types of the cat ones (Ravage is one of them and Tigertron is the other). These are available for preorder from J-List at $40.00 each.

Ravage 2GB USB

Tigertron 2GB USB

I know what you are thinking, I can get a 2GB drive much cheaper than that crazy price. I know you can, but can it transform - hummmm - I think not!

Oh and you are tired of your plan 4-Port USB Hub? Well we got your answer for that as well. Check out the Autobot Blaster. This looks like a Netbook and also transforms into the Autobot Blaster. Now this is $58.00, but it can transform as well - how cool that?

Blaster 4-Port USB Hub

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