Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wacky Stuff from Japan, vol 2

Here is another installment of my Wacky and Fun Stuff from Japan. I know these may not all be "wacky", but what the heck, not something you will see here in the US.

Getting tired of having cake for your birthday or for a party? Well, here is your answer to a fun filled night of wiggles and jiggles from Japan's Takara Tomy called GIGA Pudding. Here is a site that I "stumbled" upon that shows how to make it and what fun that must be for the family > Link

So last time I did the bikes, now we move up to the Custom Scooter. This link also has props to tokyo scooter stuff, so I need to do the same. I have seen these in Japanese trade magazines and really wanted to get one myself. I have seen some cool ones here, but some of the designs are stunning. Most of these are of the Suzuki Skywave or the Honda Forza. Not sure if I will ever see this level of custom on any of the scooters in the US.

Couple of Scooters

Pop Quiz: Can you name the Anime this is from?

Need a new mouse pad to keep your wrist correctly positioned. Then you have to get one of these wonderful 3D Oppai Mouse Pads with build in cushions. They have plenty at J-List for you to pick from (must be 18+). I must warn you however that I do not think these should be ordered for work. I have been trying to find a Yoko in her bikini top with no luck at a good price. These will set you back $40 or more in cash, but ohhhh how your wrist will love you.

Breast Support
Butt Support

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Wacky Stuff from Japan


  1. Pop Quiz: that bike is from Akira Anime. The GIGA Pudding look yummy but it maybe too much for me. LOL


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