Sunday, July 05, 2009

Manga Share

I was doing some research on my manga collections. I came across this site and thought I would share it with you as they shared with me. The site is called Manga Share and it has full translated manga volumes.

This is another fan created and supported site that is free to sign up for. What I like is that this is all done by other readers who took the time to translate and post. They also have the raw version of the manga. They make it easy to see what language it is translated in by showing you a flag of that country. You are also able to filter by English language specifically if you want or even by series.

You can actively Contribute either the Raw or a "Scanlation" (scanned translation) of a series. They also have a cool forum to review and talk about your favorite manga. You can also fan clubs, enter art contests and many other topics.

You can also check out their sister site:

As note on the site: "Please support the publishing companies by purchasing the official volumes when they're available in your language."

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