Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Revoltech: Queen's Blade

I only have a couple of the Revoltech figures from the Gurren Lagann series (Yoko and Gurren Lagann). Was not really into them that much, but liked the cool way they are flexible to be placed in a variety of poses. I was excited to see that they were going to be producing some of the Queen's Blade figures. I think this will offer me some interesting poses when doing some photography when I actually get one. I just hope my wife does not think I am playing with "dolls".

I saw that the first figure would be of Reina. I was not to keen on this figure so was holding off on really purchasing it pending what was coming next. Not sure why I have an aversion to this figure and I did get the MegaHouse P2 figure. As you can see in the figure photo, it does come with an optional face and hands.


The next figure however got me wanting to make a purchase. Who can say no to a warrior in a Maid outfit with a Scythe. The accessories are more abundant with this figure as you have an additional leg with torn nylons and the added purple flames. You also have the optional faces and hands. Actually OkatuDan has purchased this and should be posting some photos soon.


This was one of my time favorite characters in the series (besides Menace). Not sure if it is the snakes that cover certain parts of her body or the long green hair. You get the normal accessories like the others with an additional face and hands.

Do you have these in your collection yet? If so, how do they stack up with your other Revoltech figures?


  1. Got my Airi last Friday but didn't get to open it until Sunday night. It is worth noting that the Revoltech's Queen's Blade line is not the Fräulein as the scale is more similar to that of figma and uses more Revltech joints.

    In case you are curious you can check my partial review out:

  2. made change to title to remove "Fraulein" - thanks


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