Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wacky Stuff from Japan, Vol 5

Here is another installment of my Wacky and Fun Stuff from Japan. I know these may not all be "wacky", but what the heck, not something you will see here in the US.

I have to thank Danny Choo on this little "tip" bit for my food section this week. It is called Oppai Purin or Bust Pudding and is noted on the box in English stating: "Only who knows this taste can really appreciate it". The outside of the box "hints" to what awaits you, but the reality of it is too damn funny.

After opening the box, you are presented with a lovely girl wearing a paper bra. Unhook the bra to show you 2 pudding cups with lovely pink nipples. It also comes with some syrup to pour on them and a cuple spoons. This is a gift that should be shares since you get 2 of everything. There are different girls that may surprise you when opening up your box as not all of them are the same as shown below.

Box As Purchased

Opened Box

The Japanese really love their bikes. I did a write up originally of the love of Dekochari Bikes in my first blog of Wacky Stuff from Japan. But this is more about the everyday Japanese person. I know this may not seem "wacky", but you will never ever see something like this in the US. Due to ease of moving around a big city like Tokyo or the countryside, a bike would be more advantageous to have than a car.

There is a large variety of types of bikes. It seems that there is an issue in Japan with bikes being dumped and never picked back up. This has lead to an even bigger wholesale market for those that dump them. Most people ride at a leisurely pace, but many move quite fast through crowds which is illegal in some parts of the city. Some have baskets that allow for groceries or shopping bags. For the Moms, they have ones with baby seats in back allow for children up to 4 or 5 to ride.

Bike Garage

Now this old fashion trend would be great in the US, but the rapper guys already took this to a different level. I would love to see the Ultra Low Bikini Jeans sold here. But knowing my damn luck, some chick who is way wide loaded would wear these and think herself sexy - ARGH!

So if you have an Ultra Hot Girlfriend or know a stripper, these would be something you would add their X-Mas list. Will set you back $95 bucks (plus shipping), but would be well worth it> you can get them from SANNA's website.

Oh Yeah!

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