Friday, August 07, 2009

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Well this has sure placed a cramp in my day to day activities. No time to really sit and watch anime, but did get a chance to read a Manga on the toilet ( D-Grayman 14) - LOL.

I am still going through the boxes and should have more posting for sale stuff soon. I am thinking of getting a massive eBay sale going, but hate the damn fees. I would rather sell it to another collector than have to move it to another storage place. Might as well spread to love to everyone in the community as they have for me.

I also have to take 2 weeks unpaid leave from my company before the end of September. So cash will help me out a lot - argh!

Let me know if you are interested in anything (If International, drop me an email or comment as I may be shipping outside the US if no one wants it here). I have to keep my options open,


  1. I hear you on that. I'm selling some figures on eBay right not and the fees REALLY REALLY add up quick. I think last month I got up to $46 in fees. The only thing is some figures sold so unexpectedly well that it sort of made up for the fees...although I'm determined to still be grumpy about them :)Had I sold those 3 figures on my blog I would have probably gotten $30 a piece rather then like $80 a piece.

    I'm listing 3-6 items a week these days until I prune down the collection.

  2. I will be posting soon myself - I am going to place a "ad" on Hobby Search before that as well.
    eBay + Fees = Sucks money from you!


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