Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Figures 4 Sale


I still have to get the figures out of the boxes, but wanted to get a heads up on what is for sale. The pics I am using are from the web, but note all my figures are from a smoke free environment. Some have never even been displayed, so these are in mint condition. If I know of any issues, I will note that on the item. Majority of these were purchased from other collectors or from online stores like HobbyFan, Hobby Link Japan . . .

If you want actual pic, let me know as I will be taking photos later for eBay if nothing sells here.

I am currently only shipping to the US for now. Send me an email with your zip code for pricing for shipping to Bluedrakon (at) gmail (dot) com.

Ayanami Rei by Yamato > $ 30.00

Fräulein Revoltech Pocco Series 04 > $12.00

Stellar Loussier (no box) & Lunamaria Hawke > $15.00
Intron Depot Bullets 4 Space Pirate - Blue > $30.00
Pinky Mayura & Nazuna > $15.00

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