Thursday, August 13, 2009

Japanese Snack Tasting at Tate's Comics

What: Summertime Japanese Snack Tasting
Where: Tate's Comics at 4566 N. University Drive in Lauderhill FL

When: August 16th from 2pm to 4pm
Cost: FREE!

If you live in South Florida and collect Comics, Action Figures or Anime - then you have to know about Tate's Comics. If not, then crawl the heck out from the rock you live under and see the Day Light!

Me and my family have been going to these and having a blast. We get our tickets for the taste testing and then score what we liked and didn't like. Then we go and get our fill of our favorites and save a few bucks on the way.

It kind of sucks now as my wife and son are up North with my Dad, so I will have to drag a friend or two with me. Anyone in the area want to meet up and go with?

Here is the coupon for the sale or you can go to the site to down load it HERE as well.

Still not sure you want to do this? Then check out the photos from the last one on Tate's Flickr. Below is a shot of me and my wife - not sure where my son ran off to??

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