Sunday, August 02, 2009

Japan's 2009 Fall Season for Anime

Time flies when you are having fun. Not even finished with some of my Summer Anime when this list popped up. I am glad to see that Queen's Blade made it for another season (drooling fanboy - boobiesssssss). I am also quite surprised by a couple others that are coming out. Some of them I have actually been reading the Manga on and was wondering if they would make to Anime.

Here is my line up of what I will be tuning into:

Queens Blade
Say it again Sam: "Boobiesssss"

Fairy Tail
I am reading this Manga which is hilarious - done by Hiro Mashima (I need to review this series soon)

Letter Bee
I am currently reading this as well in Shonen Jump - like the story and how it is unfolding. It is kind of a Pony Express storyline but much wilder and with kids.

Darker Than Black - Comet of Gemini
I am watching the current series on DVD, so this will be watched later.

The Sacred Blacksmith
Sounds like a cool concept, so will see how the 1st couple unfold

Now for what I am in all probability figuring my Son will watch from this lineup:

Jungle Emperor Leo
He has a couple of the Anime DVD's now and just loves stories about animals

Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan
I have already seen the damn toys at Target and he like watching Beyblade - so am figuring this is a given.

Stitch! 2
Okay, I will be watching this as well with him as I love Stitch myself

What are you all planning to catch on the TV or Internet from this series?

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