Friday, August 28, 2009

Review: Darker Than Black

10 years ago the stars disappeared and then they re-appeared, but not what they seemed. Each star represents a Contractor (a person with unique powers). The people of the city are now building a huge wall around the phenomenon to protect themselves which has been dubbed "Hell's Gate".

Anyone who sees the Contractors in action will have their memories erased of the incident by the Government. Nothing Like a Government cover up to keep people in the dark. There is a police organization called Foreign Affairs Section 4 who is investigating matters that concern Contractors. It is lead by Misaki Kirihara and they are trying to find the identity of a mysterious star that no one knows who the contractor is along with all the others running around

Contractors are each have different powers, but each time they use their powers, they have to do something in exchange for the use of those powers. Let me tell you the things they do are really bizarre at times (smoke, drink, break things, count . . . ) that remind me of compulsive behaviors. If one of them dies, then their Star falls from the sky.

Dolls have the powers to "see" where others are by utilizing the elements (spirit medium). They are used by the Contractors to help them track people.

My Comments >

I have the 1st DVD and have enjoyed the series so far. It has the feeling of a Sci-Fi Thriller as we get a little bit of the background of what happened 10 years ago and how it fits into what is happening now. As the anime moves forward, you get more pieces of the story and how it all links together. You are first introduced to the Dark Reaper who is after some information and ends up killing a Contractor. There seems to be several different organizations that are trying to get their hands on data and other Contractors to become more powerful.

The inter workings of the lead characters and others flows very well. I like how the story keeps you guessing on who is what and who is working for who. When 2 Contractors collide, just sit back and watch the fireworks. It is amazing to see how each fights and what powers they have in that fight. I am highly intrigued and am looking forward to the other DVD's.

I like the artwork in this series as it is well done and is highly detailed at times. It reminds me of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series. It has that edginess to it as well with a great play on the light and dark aspects throughout in the Anime.

Opening music is a hard J-Rock song called Howling by abingdon boys school. Then they end it with a J-Pop song called Tsukiakari by Rie Fu. Kind of shows the tone of the show as it hits hard, but does have a hidden passionate side.

Overall Rating > B


The Dark Reaper - Contractor (look familiar ?)

Yin - a Doll

Misaki Kirihara and her Team

They also have a black cat that talks named Mao

Picture Source: Pure Anime Gallery

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  1. I'm in the mood for this type of series. I may watch it after I finish up Ergo Proxy

  2. I've seen the dvds for sale around the place; looks like it won't be a bad idea to give them a try


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