Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anime & Movie Releases for 09/22

Here are the releases for today (09/22) at your local Video, Book Stores or the infamous Amazon website in the US. I only review Movies and Box Sets that are coming out as this will get the most bang for your buck. I did "borrow" the summaries from various sites so you can get a brief review of the story.


Honey & Clover: Complete Collection Part 1
Honey and Clover follows the lives of five college students and their love triangles

Knight Hunters, Weiss Kreuz Seasons 1-2 (Litebox)
When the moon rises, the four young men of Weiss become the most vicious assassins the world has seen. Led by the somber and silent Aya, the team consists of Ken, a wide-eyed former athlete, Omi, a young computer specialist, and Yoji, a suave ladies man. Contains episodes 1-25 of Knight Hunters and 1-13 of Knight Hunters Eternity.

Naruto Uncut Set 16 Special Edition
The following content was provided by the publisher. Naruto and his teammates return to the Leaf Village with the injured Kurenai and Yakumo, only to find the village in ruins! Has the Village Hidden in the Leaves really been destroyed?

Nabari no Ou Complete Series Part 1
In the shadows of this modern world, ninjas fight for control of an ancient technique which holds untold strength. This coveted power dwells within apathetic Miharu, a fact the guy really couldn't care less about - until the clashing rival clans bring their battle to him.

Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl - Battle Dimension Boxset 3
Ash, Dawn, and Brock continue their journey through the Sinnoh region, with Ash working on his next two Gym badges and Dawn striving to break her recent string of defeats. Some new Pokemon have joined the team-including Paul's traumatized Chimchar-challenging the depths of our heroes' Pokemon knowledge.

Sgt. Frog DVD Season 1 Part 1
Keroro is Sgt. Frog - the leader of a platoon of warriors sent to conquer planet Earth. But when the Amphibious invaders discovered how much humans enjoy dissecting their comrades, the troops were scattered, the mission was aborted, and Keroro was abandoned. Now, this once proud soldier spends more time wielding a vacuum than he does the weapons of war.



  1. I might pick up the Sgt. Frog one. My son gets a kick out of Keroro.

  2. Nabari no Ou's description should make note he turned down an invitation to a "Ninja club" in school before getting attacked by ninja :D

    Also, it's beginning to annoy me. Thought the concept was neat, hopped on Wikipedia; and of course, it's based on a still running manga.

  3. I covered the Honey and Clover series on a post in my forums, just to shed a little bit of light on anyone whose on the fence to buy it:


    Feel free to post if you have anything to add or say ^_^


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