Friday, September 25, 2009

Anime Review: Guin Saga

What does a Leopard headed warrior have to do with Guin Saga - well if you must know EVERYTHING.

The show starts of with Rinda in bed with a premonition that something is about to happen. She gets Remus out of bed just as the attack begins . . . by the Mongauls. The are the prince and princess of Parros and they are gathered up by the family and teleported to their Aunt (Lady Evar). However the machine malfunctions and they get dumped in Roodwoods. Not the best place to be with and right in the middle of Mongaul territory.

They are about to be captured when they catch the attention of Guin (who was passed out in the grass). He comes to their rescue and lays waste the Mongaul group with super human strength. Here begins their companionship and travel together to find their way out of the woods an to a safe haven. They meet up with some other great people like Istavan of Valachia (Crimson Mercenary) and Suni ( a monkey-like creature from the Sem barbarian tribe).

Guin is a tall heavily muscular human with a leopard head. Is it a mask or real - it is anyones guess. He is a skilled fighter and an excellent swordsman. He however does not remember anything except his name and the work "Aurra". Is he cursed or blessed with the leopard head?

I am sad to note that with the death of the writer Kaoru Kurimoto on May 26th of this year. We will never know how far this would of continued. There are 126 volumes out and she was still writing the 130th volume up till May 23rd. Per Wikipedia: "Guin Saga is the longest continuing single-writer's work in the world with total circulation exceeding 28 million worldwide".

My Comments:

I have watched the first 5 episodes and will continue with this series. Music is not the best as others however. The opening theme music is sort of a battle hymn while the ending song is like a church chorus hymnal.

It has your normal D & D saga feel to it. Where each of the individuals must overcome their problems to find the answers they seek. You have Guin who does not remember anything and is on a mission to find who he is. You have the Parros Twins that are trying to make it to Argos so they can be safe.

There are several others that they bump into that help or hinder them on their journey. You have Orro of Turos that gives Guin a sword in a battle with a grey ape. You have the Merc Istavan that seems to be on his own mission (though he does not have a clear view of it). You have Suni, a monkey-like creature that wants to go home.

Lets not forget the villains in the show, the Mongauli Empire that over ran Parros and is trying to hunt down the twins. The Black Count of Vanon's places Guin in a death match with a Grey Ape and then you have Lady Amnelis that is hunting them down after they escape Stafolos Keep.

I am enjoying the interesting twists and turns the characters are having. I enjoy this type of adventure into who we are and where we are going with the trials and tribulations that happen along the way. This is a keeper!

Overall Rating: B

The Parros Twins: Remus & Rinda

Istavan Spellsword

The Black Count

Next Weeks Review: You give me something to review


  1. I'm still enjoying a rewatch of HunterXHunter, although it's bad that the series is incomplete.. I'll be watching this after I finish the OVAs of HXH

  2. Do you want something tough or easy to review?

    How about the Steamboy movie? The Akira manga (all 6 volumes!), or because I'm feeling kind and want you to be happy, Shigofumi.

    Can always dig to slightly older stuff, like Wolf's Rain, or Kino's Journey.

  3. Ah, /that/ series, the 128 books one. Kinda ridiculously epic, heh.

  4. @ Quick Star > I will have to take a look at HunterXHunter

    @Guy > I did get a chance to watch Kino's Journey. I thought it was a pretty good anime, but ended too soon.
    LOL - I guess I tend to pick things that interest me and figured I try my hand at something you all might want to know about.

  5. I read an article on this series, I was a bit interested but I've decided not to go after it myself.


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