Monday, September 21, 2009

Evils of eBay

Got in a bidding war the other night for some artwork. I got 2 out of 4 pieces done for the yearly seasons (picked up Spring & Summer). These were dome by Delphine L Demers whom I like a lot and have several of her pieces already. I just got stupid since I lost the first two (Autumn & Winter), so I decided to take the other 2 no matter the cost. It was very spiteful of me that I didn't want them to have all of them without a fight.

In the end, I spent what I was planning to on 2 painting instead of 4. I am a fool and a dumb-shit, but that is the evils of eBay. Here is a pic with all 4 pieces, I got the bottom 2.

So have you done anything like this and got caught up in the momentum of the auction?

The reason for this is because I hope that some people do the same thing I did on my auctions that I will be hosting Monday night. I have a bunch of stuff to sell from Trading Cards to Anime DVD's to Figures to Electronics to Jewelry. Pretty much, you can call it a Yard Sale of sorts of all my stuff that I no longer need or want. Besides, I have to pay for the damn things I won the other night - SHIT!.


  1. I no longer really do that. And even when I get into bidding wars, I usually manage to get myself to stop at some point.

    Probably makes the other side cry. But then again, I usually stop 2-3 hours before the bidding ends, and there are almost always some last minute snipers above me anyway :)

    BTW, the blue one is by far the best looking.

  2. I have a hard time being patient on waiting for the best deal on eBay. I'm getting better though.

  3. It is very easy in the mist of anger to act rashly. Still you got 2 of what you wanted. Who knows one day you can resell both and get back some $$ you pay off by. I am pretty sure someone wanted to collect the whole series.

  4. I am teh sniper^^

    I'm the person who usually comes in last second to win the item from the clutchess of a bidder. I will admit that I have done bidding wars out of irritation to mess up the other person even though I knew that I shouldn't be doing that.

    One thing I have done is won two of the same item due to multiple auctions of said item ending in close proximity to one another.

    I haven't done eBay in a very long time. I guess I'm patient enough or very good at hunting because a lot of good deals fall into my lap.


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