Thursday, September 10, 2009

Figures in the Mystery Boxes

I have had no luck when I try to collect the mini-figures in the mystery boxes. I have decided that if I like the series enough, I will get a case so that I will get all the characters I want. I have had a better success rate at getting the full series this way as most cases have a full set plus extras.

I actually started this with the Queen's Blade Mini Busts. When I saw they were going for $20 a pop individually, I know I could get a better price with a case anyway. I have even done this for my son as he collects dragons. So I got the Jump 40th Anniversary Dragon Ball x Blue Dragon Taizen case for him. I give him a box each week as a reward for good grades and/or behavior.

I have seen some of the larger Naruto figures are coming specifically noted on each box. I know my son likes this much better as he can get his favorite character right off the bat now.

Do you try to get these individually or do you buy by the case like I do?

Now for some self promotion on my sales. Since I have purchased cases on these, I am offering them for sale at stupid pricing - again:

Konami Gurren Lagann Series 2
boxes have been open but is a full case > $20

Clamp in 3D Land Series 5
There are 2 full sets of 5 - boxes open > $12 / set

Clamp in 3D Land Series 6
There are 2 full sets of 5 - boxes open > $12 / set

FYI: The Clamp in 3D Land - these 2 sets have matching characters so it would be cool to get one of each AND I will discount down to $20 for the full set of 10 (set 5 & 6)


  1. You know, I kinda hate it when sites post sets like Gurren Lagann, with art instead of actually letting us know what the models look like.

    I mean, I'm buying models, and they rarely look like the drawing.

    Usually I purchased one box or a couple, there usually aren't full sets that are good enough quality to get. Just one-two characters I like, and willing to forgive the meh quality of gashapons.

  2. Hello I asked for a link exchange by leaving a message in your last post. I'm sorry for bugging you again but is it okei for an exchange links? Hoping for your reply.

  3. @ Guy - I would agree with you on that about the artwork instead of actual figures. I did find that the art in this case was a very good representation. But for anyone wanting the real thing check out this link to HLJ :

    @Quick Star - sorry if I missed the first comment, I have added now :)

  4. I buy a case, I prefer the trading figures to be a mystery then for them to be exposed but you will always be one short of a complete set. Square Enix did some market study and found people in the US prefer to see what they're buying. But Japan is ok with them being a to make things fair they have special releases to the US (and maybe Europe?) where you can see everything you buy, but you'll be one short of a set for sure. They will pick one figure to NOT release in the US. I know this from my experience collecting the Final Fantasy mini trading figures.

    In my experience buying an entire case of the "mystery boxes" always has resulted in my getting the entire set. GSC and Megahouse are good about giving you everything, I can't speak for other companies.

  5. I've never actually bought a case of the mystery figures before. I'm normally not going to try and get the entire set. I just want to get a few of them to put on display. Also I kinda like the whole surprise aspect of it.

    Though I do agree with you because I don't have very good luck either. For example in many of the Haruhi figure sets I almost always get Tsuruya. She is definitely a secondary character and I usually don't get either of the 3 main girls. It doesn't really bother me but it just goes to show that the companies that make these make the major characters more rare so that you have to keep shelling out money to get the ones you want.

    Very clever...

  6. I used to play Magic: the Gathering heavily.

    Talk about "mystery sets", and these cards are worth varying amounts of money. Hot rares can be worth $20 a pop, and shit-rares about $1, so it matters...

  7. I get a box. I don't like incomplete things and would preferably like a complete set of everything. For trading figures/gashapon, it depends on the set and the manufacturer. Good Smile will give you a complete set plus 1 duplicate with their petit nendoroid line. With Megahouse, my experience thus far is that they will give you a complete set as well. It usually indicates on the box whether or not you will have to go out and get another box or go hunting for that last piece. I have had an ALTER box set come up with a color variant of the original set of characters, so I need to get another box and hope to get lucky for the variations. Kotobukiya really depends on the set they are doing.

    I own the Vol. 1 of the Medicos Queen's Blade bust and they are gorgeous. I got the complete set with Vol. 1, so I am guessing and hoping for my own sake that the other volumes will be complete as well. For QB, it's definitely cheaper to get the set since the quality of the pieces warrants a higher pricetag.


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