Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog Review: COLLECT'em ALL

Here we have another cool Mecha collector to the max. Great insight to Macross and Gundam arenas. If you have to ask, just check out his collection pictures. Nice little shrine he has at home - I mean, just look at the number of Macross figures he has. I must say a very understanding wife as well.

What I like about this site (besides the normal Mecha) is the odd ball stuff he posts that I would never have seen here in the US. If you need to see it for yourself, check out these blogs:

If you are a fan of anything Gundam or Macross, this is another blog you have to add to your list for damn sure. He also reviews conventions in his town as well as older items that are not in production anymore. He also does reviews on Games which is a pretty cool as well.

So take a moment and check out COLLECT'em ALL !


  1. I am really honored & appreciative to find that you actually did a posting on my blog. I'm extremely touched and I must thank you for your support. This is the motivation I need to go on blogging. Cheers!

  2. No worries, I do a blog review each Sunday. I figure that it is my way of thanking everyone for taking me in as well.


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