Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October Haul

Got in 2 boxes, one from HobbyLink Japan and another from NCSX. Both holding wonderful goodies for me to get my greedy little fingers on. I did get a couple other packages, but they were for artwork that I got off eBay for my Original artwork collection.


I finally picked up Yoko Nendoroid for my collection. This is my first nendoroid, so I hope she will be gentle with me. I have to say that NCSX did a great job of packing and shipped right out the gate to me. I hope to have some travel shots with her later in the month. Especially when I go up North to see my family around Halloween.

Yoko Nendoroid

I took advantage of the free shipping if paying by PayPal and got a couple things from HLJ. Here are a couple shots of my stash. again, I will get more figure shots later this week.

Gurren Lagann Groundworks v1 and
Queens Blade Rebellion Yuit & Vante Limited Edition

Back of the Queens Blade Rebellion box - Yuit Figure

I hope to be able to get Yuit out into the woods soon for a photo shoot this weekend. I will post them up as soon as I get them all done.


  1. I want to hear more of the TTGN groundwork!

    Be careful when traveling with Nendo-Yoko, while she's great, if you pose her and such, parts sometimes need re-affirming.

    Also, in the poll, I thought we were meant to guess how old you are ;)

  2. Gurren Lagann Groundworks v1 is pretty cool. It has some full color pages, but is mostly the pencil sketches used to make the anime cels.

    I am already having fun keeping her face on - LMAO! It keeps falling off

    I reset the poll so you can vote again !

  3. Thanks to my SG trip coming in a few weeks time, I had to pass on the free HLJ shipping which was sad.
    For some reason, all the good deals comes at the wrong time. :(

  4. Yuit is cuteeeee~~<3 waiting for your photos :D

    is the free shipping thing still going on for hlj?

  5. @B-Mecha < sorry but the sale is over :(

  6. I LOVE nendos! But I need to be careful because they add up real quick $$$


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