Sunday, November 08, 2009

Blog Highlight: conspicuous klu[x]

This was a new addition to the Blog Roll. She left me a comment on one of my blogs, so I checked out her blog. I have to say I love the layout and cool stuff she writes about. Hell, anyone that has an intro like hers you have to add them:

"klux is an animetard who writes animu/mango reviews, mindrape and rants that can be interpreted as junks by others but sparks of brilliance to few special ones. She is also a beginner at collecting figures."

In her own words, she is a "Bleachtard". If you are a big fan of Bleach, then you have to stop by and check out her reviews. Another cool concept she has is her "Dairy of an animetard". I am going to have to steal, I mean, borrow this concept. I read Manga or watch Anime usually every day myself.

She also has an impressive list of Anime she has or will watch and Manga that she has read. If you have a moment, shoot on over to conspicuous klu[x] !


  1. Aye, I've been reading Klux's blog for some time; she's definitely one of the better anime bloggers out there.

  2. omg how could I missed this? *shoots own head* LOL

    thanks for the kind words. I feel all warm and tingly <3


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