Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blog Highlight: Deus Ex Escathon

Here is another installment of Blog Highlight featuring Deus Ex Escathon.

After I read his About Me section, I had to showcase him as it was quite an entertaining entry. Cain is pretty much a straight shooter when it comes to his blog. He hold nothing back and really gets into what he is showcasing. You can really see this on his post Queen's Blade Name Etymologies.

He has some great review on Figures - especially Final Fantasy and Queen's Blade. His reviews are detailed with plenty of photographs for you to check out. I am highly jealous that he has the complete Queen's Blade 1P Revoltech Collection for 2009. I know, why am a hater when I should be a lover - because I can dammit!

So when you are surfing around, drop over an check him out.

Almost forgot, there are some petitions on the right side for some Final Fantasy Action Figures to be made. See if there is anything you want made and sign the petitions, never know what may happen.

His other sites:
The Backyard


  1. sir... may we please exchange links? I have this new site and Im having a hard time to get exposure, the site is , please let me know if you want to, so that I can add you in my list...

    by the way, nice reviews... especially the dragonaut review, Im planning to watch it next ^_^

  2. Hi!
    I'm wondering if you could be able to review my Japanese entertainment blog? And exchange links?


  3. @ janime & GekiDan - I have added you both to my list :)

  4. Thanks. I have already included your site on my blog.


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