Sunday, November 01, 2009

Quick Food Post - Sakura

I arrived safely and have been exhausted ever since. Got up at 3:30am to get to the airport, then we have Daylight Savings Time last night. Both of these have taken me out - I need so much sleep now.

Family is keeping me busy with seeing everyone and Halloween holidays. We are looking at getting an apartment here in Maryland. Taking a big chance on the current economy, but sometimes you have to take BIG steps.

We went out to dinner on Friday night at this place called Sakura. I was surprised my wife found a Sushi / Hibachi Restaurant in Western Maryland. I decided I wanted some sushi, and tried to find something out of the ordinary, but good. I went all crazy and got something called Mango Tuna Tartar. It is Chopped Orchid Tuna and fresh Mango, with Wasabi Sauce. It also had some black fish eggs on top and some white garnish that I could not figure out.

I was really shocked by what came out as it was a bit more than I anticipated. It definitely had a nice bite to it. The Mango gave it a nice sweet touch to the spicy tuna. Here are some iPhone shots of the plate as it arrived and "opened up".

It is crazy working on dail-up, but you have to work with what you have.

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