Friday, December 18, 2009

Kigurumi Cosplay Society

Here was the post I was going to make for yesterday. Like I noted, I found a video on YouTube of this while I was searching for a Yoko Gurren Lagann Video. I had saw this on the internet before or on a TV program (not sure which) and thought it was kind of interesting. With the full blown cosplay and face to match, it does take some getting used to.

Without further ado - I would like to introduce "Wyu" from over at Kigurumi Cosplay Society.

She is based out of Singapore and is part of the Anime‐kao Kigurumi culture. She even takes orders to make masks for others with instructions for use and handling of them. These are not cheap renditions as a recent Asuka mask is being offered on special at $700USD. If you are so inclined, you can also order a full body costume similar to the one below custom made just for you.

If you want to take cosplay to a whole new level - then this is the way to go. Not only can you showoff your favorite character, but you also have the chance to be totally anonymous. I am still on the fence on this myself, but find it - umm - "interesting" to see her in the various outfits. She also has a forum for those that are interested or want to know more and you can sign up for a Live Chat (rules need to be followed) with her.

Here are some full shots and a video from YouTube. I will let you make your own choice if this is for you or not.


YouTube Video

What are your thoughts after seeing everything?

Do you find it cool, scary or (should I even say this) arousing?


  1. Scary. As it could be a trap inside.

    Calamarian Officer: Sir~! We have Star Destroyers at sector 47!
    Adm. Ackbar: IT'S TRAP~!

  2. It's artistic and beautiful! MJC

  3. I find them incredibly fascinating! They really do look like life size dolls and are the anime fantasy. I first came across them from a Japanese Kirigumist Taka on Cosplayer'sCure. Taka is very interesting and is open talking about it. He also has an account on

    I find them quite arousing too to be honest and they make me curious. I would rather stick to make up then use a mask but I love looking at them. It really goes to show cosplay being taken to a whole new level as make up is and contact lenses are advancing trying to compete. I would love to know is it a way of life for them, an art or just a hobby?

    1. You gave me a goo idea for a Cosplay interview as I really need to dig into this again :D


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