Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Review: Sora no Otoshimono

This is a quick review of Sora no Otoshimono. I have to say that this is one of the funniest and most perverted Anime I have seen in a while. It is just to make me realize that I am and will always be a perverted old man, you can verify this with my wife.

The premise is that Tomoki has been having the weird dreams. He talks with his friend Sohara Mitsuki who has him meet with Eishiro Sugata to discuss them. Eishiro tells Tomoki to go a certain location to witness this abnormality that he is following.

As it turns out, no one else shows up and Tomoki is left to fend for himself. In between the pillars falling out of the sky, a young girl angels falls with them. Tomoki ends up saving her with all this stuff falling out of the sky and finds that her name is Ikaros (kind a similar to a Greek guy I know - hummmm).

Ikaros then makes Tomoki her Master after he rescues her by imprinting him on her - Slave chain that is. She tells Tomoki that she is a Pet-Class Angeloid and has the ability to fulfill any wishes he may have. Ikaros uses cards to grant the wishes which and they usually last for 24 hours. OMFG - here starts the fun!

What us guys want to hear

Almost got X-Rating here

Tomoki is the pervert in training while his friend Sohara tries to keep him in reality. These 2 end up mixing it up pretty good and make a funny comedic team. Here are some still frames from the anime's I have watched to give you a good example of the hilariousness of this show. Well, actually poor Tomoki only wants a quiet and peaceful life, but that will not happen now.

Cards of Magic or Mischief

The other cast of characters with Eishiro and Mikako add other elements to the show. Eishiro is just a talker with alot of crazy facts and is the "level minded" on in this. Mikako on the other hand, well she has a demented mind on how things should be handled and it usually adds that extra element of danger to whatever is happening.

One of Eishiro Lessons

Sohara keeps him in his place - A LOT!

Now I hear that other Angeloids come into the show as well, but I have not gotten that far. I can't stop laughing so hard I am actually crying - damn this is funny.

If anything, you have to watch Episode 2 - Flying Panties and Episode 4 - Return of the Flying Panties.

Pantsu Fetish ??

Flying Pantsu

Return of the Pantsu

Overall: A - FLYING PANTSU AWAY (><)


  1. I dropped this after the first episode. And to think that this is one of the top ten anime atm... *facepalm*

  2. I'm out of touch with anime this season. Hahaha, I think the line with you being a pervert and how your wife can vouch got a chuckle out of me. Nothing wrong with being a pervert. I think everyone has a degree of perversion to them whether they are honest about it.

    I'll have to give this a shot.


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