Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Review: Lovelyduckie's Blog

Since my move, I have been completely off kilter here with my blog schedule. I need to get back into the swing of things again.

This weeks installment of Blog Highlight belongs to Lovelyduckie's Blog.

Here is another great figure collector and all around Anime/Manga fanatic. What I like about her site is how clean it is. Everything is where it should be and you can find what you need right away. She has even broken down the links to showcase her own Anime, Manga, Figures and Video Games.

To give you some history, she got started on the Otaku Road by getting addicted to Sailor Moon. What was it with girls and Sailor Moon? Then she ran the course over to Cardcaptors a little later in life which really sucked her in all the way. She began blogging in July of 2008. She broke down and got a real domain name later which is what you see here. Do you want to know more? Check out her About page.

I always enjoy checking out when she posts as it is always informative. She has a carefree writing style that just pulls you in as you can "feel" the excitement in her writing. Honestly, she really pulls you into the blog and makes you want to get whatever she is talking about. I wonder if she is in Sales or something? Her Manga reviews are filled with some great art and she goes into details of the storyline and characters. If she does a figure review, you can bet the photos will be stunning and showing great details (KOS-MOS (Alter) Ver. 1).

I got a kick out of her "Male Figures Get 5 Extra Points!" blog. It listed all her male figures. Out of her collection of about 500 figures, 56 are male. I was laughing because I figured that I would just have women figures myself. But low and behold, I got some Male ones as well (from Gurren Lagann - of course).

One of the other blogs the blew my mind was when she discussed her Manga's worth. It was really crazy to see the dollars spent and make you really think of how much we have all invested in. Check out "My Manga Collection’s “Worth” and Recent Purchases" if you want to see more.

If I remember correctly, she is a big One Piece Fan and has several figures to prove it a fact. But she now seems focused on Aria and GSC Alicia figures now (blog).

She runs a great blog and is one that everyone should have on their Blog Roll.


  1. I recently started reading her blog and I enjoy it a lot too!

  2. I don't read her blog for long but i like it a lot. True that she has a special way of writing that catch your attention.
    I should highlight her in my next "blogger, a big family" post.

  3. I just checked out this blog and I have to say that this is interesting. I will have to take a closer look later on this week.

    P.S. I know how you are feeling about the blog schedule situation, I been trying to get back on track but between school and work it's just been crazy. Hopefully once things calm down a bit, I can get back to blogging on a regular schedule.

  4. Aw! Thanks! I have a hard time reading compliments but I really appreciate the ones you gave me.


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