Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo Shoot: Evangelion EX Sweet Witches Figure feat. Okama A: Rei Ayanami

I promised I would get out and do a photo shoot of her, so here you are. I used a snow mount as her pedestal while I was shooting. The only bad part was the strip mall in the background. I tried to get it out of some of the shots. I also froze my leg trying to get some of the shots - oh well, the sacrifices are well worth it. I did have some issues with shadows with a high sun O_o doh!

Here are the normal panoramic shots of her in full view. I hope that these will give you a good 3D view of her. I did seem to jump a step, but you get the idea.

Now we have the more detailed shots and closeups. I was a bit pissed about which way the black cat was facing as it was opposite of her - WHY!!!!! The stand is okay as it gives the illusion of wind (I am guessing). I also found an orange mark on the base on one of the swirls. I have no fucking idea how that happened as it has been in the box since purchase. I do like the white gothic witch outfit as it works better than if she was in all black. I am sure they did this to keep her in character. I am sure this is also why she has the green scarf and purple broom bristles.

Pantsu Shot ?!?

I Can Fly!


  1. i can see assemble line on her leg =\

  2. Very nice pictures, I especially loved the pantsu shot. It was pretty cool.

  3. Your photos are superb. Snow fit perfectly the figure's colors i also think very nice!
    A sweet find. :)

  4. @kluxorious - i saw that too :(

    @Andrew - LOL, I had to add that in then shots :)

    @Lylibellule - thanks for the kind comments, it was a fun shoot

    @anonymous_object - my wife loves things that have witches, so I knew she wouldn't mind me getting it

  5. Ah not easy to shoot outdoors in freezing temperatures!! I love taking figures for outdoor shooting :D Using snow as a backdrop for the figure is very fitting. Snow witch haha ^^

  6. This is an interesting figure. I love her witch costume. It fits her really well, and that base + cat is just gravy.
    Very nice pictures.

  7. I own her too, I see you're skipping the clear stand that goes under her broom handle for the photo shoot. I think her and Asuka really look nice on my top shelf, it's like I have cute witches flying overhead.

  8. I like those pics a lot! They are taken professionally especially the use of the surrounding.


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