Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yoko Ritona Cosplayers

It has been a while since I had Cosplayers up on this blog. I have to say that one that I enjoy seeing is Yoko Ritona from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. She is on my top 5 list of Anime girls I want to see cosplayed. She is hot as hell and one damn fine girl to stare at like a stalker - ummm - not that I do that kind of stuff * cough * cough *, must have a cold.

I have complied some pics and links back to where I got them if I could remember. I also tried to make sure I got the names of the cosplayers as well. If I missed you, let me know :)

Yoko Twins at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009




Also a big thanks to Sankuku Complex for the majority of these finds!


  1. I love Yoko, but man I could never comfortably dress up as her...

  2. Kipi does Yoko. Of course. Never noticed that significant bust on her before >.>...
    I was never too fond of Yoko as a character, but I sure am of what she wears. That's just as honest as I can get.

    Did you make sure to keep the spouse blindfolded for the duration of the post?

  3. Now we talking about cosplayers who got the looks and the boobs! Ha! Ha!

  4. @lovelyduckie ~ I know how you fell, I don't think I could dress like that myself :)

    @Ningyo ~ My wife hasn't seen the post yet - LOL

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I hope to be doing more like this of other characters.

  5. oh my! I was only able to start looking at your blog yesterday. I was not able to go back into your posts very far. Now I see I have to delve deep into your archives. Yoko has become one of my favorite characters as of late. I am new to the world of Gurren Lagann, and I have been really enjoying the manga. I really like the strong female characters, and having them run around in bikinis only makes it better. :D


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