Saturday, April 03, 2010

Manga Review: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

This is our first installment of Kidz Korner. It is a collaboration between me and my son (who is 8) on stuff he likes that is related to Anime, Manga or Figures. What you see in bold is what I write and what you see in regular writing in blue is his. Word for word and no deviation from me.

Manga: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

Story & Art: Shigekatsu Ihara
Distributor: vizkids
Reading Level: Ages 9 - 12
Page Count: 192 pages
Number Volumes Read: 6

What is the story about?

Its about Team Galatic trying to get 3 legend pokemon. They want the Pokeman to make a Read Chain to trap Dialga. But Hareta and all the Gym Leaders are trying to stop them.

Who are some of the main characters?

Hareta - A wild boy who has a special bond with Pokeman
Piplup - A water pokeman who is Hareta's partner
Team Galatic - Bad guys

Why do you like the books?

Because how it is detailed and the artwork is amazing.

Who is your favorite Pokemon Character in the book and why?

Deoxys - it is a very powerful Pokeman and a rare card too

How do you rate the series (5 being the best) and why?

5 - Because it is an awesome book and how Hareta destroys Carlos the boss of Team G.


  1. The interview segment works great for the boy. My Nephew and daughter watch and play Pokemon toys and they are no stranger to me too! But mostly during the era Pikachu! Hee! Hee!

  2. Aww, that's cute :)
    Make sure your son doesn't see too much of your site though ^^

    I'm hesitant, because it's no pokemon special, but you have highlighted that it IS for kids. I I remember how shocked I was back then when I saw Fearow run through Red's Polywhirl - it's pretty intense stuff.

  3. ah Pokemon...that brings back memories...

    "back in my day there were only 151 Pokemon..."

  4. If I were talking to my kids about Pokemon I'd probably keep only taking about the first 151.

    "Back in my day there were only 151 known Pokemon species"

  5. @everyone ~ thank you all for your kind comments and I did share this with him.

    I am not sure if there will be another post with my son - as he is a Gemini, thus he keeps changing his mind to do this :(

    @Ningyo - he only sees the tame stuff :)


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