Sunday, May 02, 2010

Free Comic Day Haul

We had a blast yesterday at Beyond Comics in Fredrick Maryland for the annual Free Comic Book Day. As you can see by the stuff below, we got a lot.

They had 25% off everything in the store (except for some recent comics and specific merchandise). The also has some local artists and writers from various comics, so I was able to add to my Sketch book. For more on that, you can check ot out on my Green Dragons Den website later this week. They had some cool displays like a full sized Hulk and a female manikin wrapped in comic book pages (sorry for the poor shots as it was taken on my cell phone)

I was surprised that they actually had a small niche of Anime/Manga stuff. Mostly Gundam, Final Fantasy figures and one book case of Manga. I wish they would of had more, but I guess I got spoiled with Tate's. I was still able to find something though - heeheehee.

As you can see in the shot, I have finally purchased my first Gundam Figure for myself. I went all out on the Gundam Fix Figuration #0034 GP03S Stamen. It was $79.99, so with the discount, I was able to get it at $60.00. My wife thought it was pretty cool and gave me the green light to get it.

I will be doing a photo shoot of the new Gundam figure and hope to have that up in a couple weeks.

Did anyone go to any of the Free Comic Book Day celebrations around your area?


  1. Awesome G.F.F Dendrobium stamen and it's really a good price after discount. This is hard to find this around and look solid on display!

  2. Sadley no,

    I was busy at home studying for final exams comming up next week!!!!! I wish I could have gotten some free comics, but there is always next year.

  3. I had no idea free comic book day existed, interesting! I bet the comic book store in my hometown does something neat for this.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ it was a great find, but a bear to get it all together. I took over 100 pics on Sunday, so look forward to a photo review :)

    @Andrew L. Budney ~ sorry you had so much studying, maybe next year :(

    @ Lovelyduckie ~ Now you know and knowing is half the battle - GI Joe!

  5. Wow 25% off everything? thats good ^^
    very good actually D:

    Oooh nice gundam figure, review now!

  6. That third image is interestingly creepy.

    I didn't get a chance to go to comic day... :(

  7. Congrats in getting your first step into Gundam! I love their HULK! You never asked your son to stand beside that HULK for a photo? I know I will. LOL

  8. @ Fabrice ~ should have something up on a 2 part photo shoot for the gundam on next friday

    @Yi ~ the third image was a lower quality pic, so made it a bit odd

    @ LEon ~ It was so crowded there that day - I will have to do that on my next visit :)


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