Thursday, May 20, 2010

Misa Amane (Death Note) Cosplayers

Death Note still is widely popular for some of us. Not enough can be said for this series and how it grew to be what it is today. Cosplayers seem to be easily drawn to Misa Amane (Misa Misa) since her outfits are not that difficult to make. Most can be store brought, while some do need some imagination at times.

Again it seems that I am going with the Goth theme, but this is my blog and I post what the heck I want :P

Lets take a look at the lovely ladies and how each brought Misa to life ~



Sources: | Kipi-Fan


  1. Guh, you didn't need to do that >.>
    More like, you wouldn't have been satisfied unless you did that, eh?

    I'll go ahead and say Kipi captures it the best, seeing how Misa's supposed to be Japanese with a lot of visual enhancements, but I do suppose I'm biased towards her.

    Also, I fear scrolling up to check because of that landmine you planted at the end.

  2. Everything is FAIL!!
    except the last one =)
    epicness dont you think XD

  3. The last pix scared the hell out of me! It's like watching a horror movie. Lol.

  4. it's kinda cool to see someone actually post shino-san's cosplays as she is much less received than her japanese counterpart kipi :3

  5. Unknown ftw XD Gabi and Francesca are my faves.

  6. Make me unsee it D:

  7. hahahaha I like the last one best

  8. epic win for posting the last pic! LMAO

  9. Isn't the last guy Jackie Chang? lol xD

  10. kkkkkkk wtf is this??

  11. Me encanta kipi es demasido bella @_@


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