Thursday, May 27, 2010

Witchblade the Anime Cosplayers

I know I usually have several different cosplayers here, but I could not find anything to match this Dynamic Dou. I can't say anything bad about this and just wish I could of found more shots to showcase here. It seems there was more of Amaha than of Shiori's character. If you look closely, you will see why there are more shots of Alodia. Everyone mentioned is on deviantArt and you can find the links below to there respective sites.

Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao are from the Philippines and I have to say they did a stunning job. They portrayed both Amaha Masane (Alodia) and Shiori Tsuzuki (Ashley) with great delight. Everything they did was done to the extreme and the photography by Jay Tablante really shows that.

They did a stunning job at the Anime Festival Asia in 2009 where they showcased these characters. It seems they lit up the party there and even made it to YouTube. Though they did a great show there, they did not win in the competition.

Ashley Gosiengfiao as Shiori Tsuzuki

Alodia Gosiengfiao as Amaha Masane

More Random Shots

Now for the first time on my cosplay review, here is the video of them at AFA 2009

Source: Alodia | Ashley | Jaytablante | Banzai Effect | GameOPS


  1. One of the judges at Anime Festival Asia agrees with you. He gave the sisters perfect scores across the board.

  2. Understanding cosplay that makes others go wow! Must be really quite an investment on the suit as well as finding the right models.

  3. Love shot 2, 4, and 5. The effects and the cosplay mesh perfectly together to make a beautiful image.

  4. I've been debating watching Witchblade for a long time now, I still haven't made a decision. I guess what it boiled down to was that there are just SO MANY other series out there that I know I want to try out that I don't really take much time to consider popping in one of my "maybe" series.


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