Friday, June 04, 2010

Figure Review: O-No Sushi (Red) - Part I

I have to give blog creds to LEon over at Open the Toy. He did a nice review of this and I could not contain my laughter or desire to have one of these. If not for him, none of this would have been possible.

It seems this toy was designed after a print that was created by Andrew Bell. What a true statement for sushi everywhere. He did another one with a fish that is just as hilarious as this one.

I did like the billions of other people, I hit Google to do a search on them. I was able to find O-No Food Company pretty fast and then located companies that sold it. Now I could of used eBay, but that was just crazy.

I was able to get my hands on a Red one over at Grumpy Bert. They shipped it fast and packed it with great care. I was glad to have found them so I could get this one at least. I would love to have some other colors, but need to be happy with the red one for now. If you like cool and wacky stuff, then you have to check them out for other stuff as well designed by artists you have come to love.

Now there are several other colors like Green, Purple, Blue, Gray as well as a DIY figure. I want to try to get all of them, but some were sold in very limited release which means I may not get them all. Each of these has another set of eyes and some do differ in the other colors.

I found a cool background for my computer of an inside of a sushi shop. I tried to make it look as though we were sitting in the restaurant eating. Now without further a-do, lets get on with the picture show.

Rotating 4 Views

Random Figure Shots

Real Sushi - What the Hell is this all about?
Check back later to see where this leads our buddy "Red".


  1. Cool, a Japanese version of a Mr. Potato Head doll. I just think about getting one for myself.

  2. Ok...I am deeply poison by this....gwad its so adorable!

  3. Haha this is so cool XD
    love the accessories

  4. I got to know this through Leon's blog and it real cute. Good thing I only eat tamago sushi.

  5. Good one there bro! I am still waiting for my order to come for this. Await for more yummy photos. Hehehe

    Chubbybots if you want let me know. :D

  6. @Andrew L. Budny ~ I had to get one myself as it was a must have

    @chubbybots ~ I wish I could get them all and have an meeting with them all

    @ Fabrice ~ It is too funny for words

    @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ never know what may happen - could see that in the future

    @LEon ~ it was all thanks to you - this coming Friday will be a blast

  7. That's so cute, but a bit disturbing when you really think about it. Perfect combination!

  8. AWESOME FIGURE!!! I must have one! That's hilarious and adorable in one!


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