Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Figure Review: Black ★ Rock Shooter

I know I got your mouth's drooling for more pics of her from my Teaser Blog. I now have the lovely pictures to prove just how delightful this figure is. I was amazed to see that the figure was signed by Huke himself. I do not have any COA, but I kept the page from the magazine.

I decided to take her for a walk into a retention pond that had dried up. It had a nice cutaway in the wall for me to use. It was fun shooting her and it was a freaking hot day with little clouds to get in the way. Now I used her hair that had the blue glowing flame on it for all the shots. I loved this look and had to go with it as you can see below in the face shots.

I will have to say that I thought I lost her. I went to shoot some bees on large white flowers for a few minutes. When I started to walk back, I did not see her in the cutaway area where I left her for safe keeping. I ran up the hill and over the other side hoping some little punk kid did not take her. I was "happy" to see that the wind blew her off the wall and into the grass. I just had to dust some dirt off and she was fine, no broken hair of lost parts. If she would of blown the other way, there were large granite rocks and certain breakage.

My lesson has been learned, when done with shooting, pack it up and head home!

4 Revolving Poses + 1

Rest of the Poses

Infamous Pantsu Shot

BTW: The Black★Rock Shooter OVA is AWESOME and a must watch piece of work. You must watch this and if you need more of a reason to see it, check out Listless Ink's Blog about it


  1. The more i see this figure the more i want it... its too cool!!

  2. Huke's Signature O.o
    that one big thing i didnt know -.-
    Like i said in the other reviews of her, she looks stunning, worth having, =)

  3. I love those shots man!! Even though I don't collect figures I love her pose and cloak. Very dynamic feel coupled with your photos!

  4. I'm SO GLAD she didn't break on you! That would be terrible.

  5. @Troy ~ hoping to get the on with her gun - but not sure

    @Farice ~ Yes Huke's sig < like a cherry on top of a sundae

    @chubbybots ~ I am looking at other bloggers shots and trying to bring my game up on my pics - thx

    @lovelyduckie ~ you and me both, needless to say my heart sank when I did not see her,

  6. Luck you not to lose Black ★ Rock Shooter. Real nice shots your got there and certainly very sexy figure.

  7. I loved her pose!
    She's such a lovely figure and her petite contours are wonderful to look at.

    Anyways, good thing some punk kid didn't take her.

    Beautiful photos and I love the concrete, raw ground you chose for the set as well as the shots from below.

  8. Cool pics. That's a fitting background for her character ^^. Recently picked her up as well. GSC did a good job with her!

  9. Great review, makes me regret not having gotten her despite having pre-ordered her. I decided to cancel about a week before release because I already have the cannon version and getting Figma/Nendo.. there's only so much I can afford XD Love the shots though, and glad she didn't break or get stolen ^^

  10. @ Dennis ~ no kidding, I would of ben kicking my own arse if I did

    @Yi ~ I am trying to set my figures up for better shots now and using the outdoors is fun

    @anonymous_object ~ thx for the kind words - will keep looking for good locations

    @Persocom ~ I am going to let the pictures tell the story when I can. I am happy too :)

  11. I wouldnt call that "pantsu shot" actually a pantsu shot since there werent much pantsu.... (wow that is a lot of pantsu in one sentence...cool xD).

    I can't believe you got BRS figure! i am so jealous TT__TT


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