Thursday, July 01, 2010

When Itasha mixes with a Tachikoma

I have been wanting a larger Tachikoma for a while now. I had ordered the Collection Figure box set a while ago and had a blast putting them together. But as cute as they are, you want something you can actually get your hands on.

When I was building my order from HobbyLink Japan, I came across one for about $45 USD and had to have it. It was a larger one that you could open the back and see inside. But what really got my attention was the fact it was done up as an Itacha version.You read that right, better known as Ita-Chikoma.

It also came with some cool accessories as well. This included an extra sheet of stickers, a monkey wrench, a book to read, special oil can and the gatling gun attachment. The instructions were pretty simple to figure out as well and easy to make the changes. The only bit of disappointment was that some of the stickers were not right. There was one especially on the Tachikoma and on the sheet that was spelled wrong. Not sure how this got past QA, but honestly it is a really big goof up if you ask me. See if you can find it!

Lets get on with the show and see all the cool things this baby can do. Honestly, the details on this are out of this world and I had to keep my son from playing with it. He seems to have a facination with all my Tachikoma's.

Revolving 4 Poses

Exterior Shots

Interior Shots

Dad and Junior

Sale Link on HLJ > Ita-Chikoma

By the way, did you find the "typo" error?


  1. Wow! That's one cool toy from Ghost in the shell!

  2. Really awesome Ita-Chikoma from 'Ghost in the shell'. Great decals on the toy and the smaller version is cute X2. Is there any 'Ghost in the shell' figure that can fit into Ita-Chikoma's capsule?

  3. @LEon ~ I was glad to get it in - nice to have a larger one now

    @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I think there are some that do as I think this is the same sizer as the WHAM series, but not sure

  4. The only tachikoma that I saw was the nendoriod the details on the back pod look really good! I was hoping the small one had the open pod feature...

  5. Even though I'm not much of a Ghost in the Shell fan I find figures of tachikoma really adorable.

  6. @ chubbybots ~ I liked the extra articulation on this figure.

    @ lovelyduckie ~ I like the comedic fun the have in the Anime when they are all together. They seem so real at times.


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