Monday, August 09, 2010

Update Review: Gundam Collection DX #8 Box Set

Can't afford the full blown models or detailed larger figures of Gundam? Then get your hands on any Gundam Gashpon blind box you can find.

Honestly these are the best damn detailed figures (next to Robotech Pencil Sharpeners) that I have seen. I really want to know how in the hell they get that paint onto the figures so nicely. I wish I could of gotten a better head shot as they even paint the eyes on these. 

These figures also average about 2" (or 52mm) in height. Each comes with a stand that will have the figure standing or flying depending on what it is doing. In this box case, there are 2 variations of GN-0000, MSZ-006C1 (Bst), F91 AND LM314V23/24 and one special of RX-0. Some are just color differences while others are the wings.

I got these for my son specially because of the colors and variety in the box. If you have a chance to pickup a case of ANY blind box Gundam figures, it will always be money well spent.

HINT: HobbyLink Japan Sale for Gundams 

Here is where my son is with his Gundam DX# 8 collection. He has been awarded 4 so far and has had fun putting them together. I also super glue the parts together so that he does not lose any pieces.

MSZ-006C1 (Bst)
Out of the full box of nine random boxes, he has 4 of them. He has both different versions of the LM314V23/24 right now. Today he got a GN-0000 and a MSZ-006C1 (Bst). 

He was suppose to pick one for me, but he wanted the that one too. Here are the shots of the 2 figures he got today. 

What was really cool about this was when everything was done today, he wanted to place them all with my 2 GFF figures. Now we are starting a Gundam family! 

Gundam Family

Does anyone else share their hobbies with their sons, daughters or other family members?

I may not post much this week as my wife is out of town in training. Between my late work schedule and having someone keep an eye on my son, time will definitely be scarce this week.


  1. The GN-00000 is cleary my favorite...wait wtf what is that big ass white one? O.o

  2. I hear you on being busy, I've fallen behind in a lot of blogs I enjoy reading. Plus I just shipped off my laptop to be repaired. My blogging activity will be dropping off a bit. It's also because taking pictures and making eBay listings takes a while too. I really want to sell off my collection at a steady stream.

  3. GN-00000 is nice with the hangar like diorama. Damn, I have none of your Gundam collection. Ha! Ha! Yes, I do share my hobby with my kids by letting them play some of my toys but under really watchful eyes. Hee! Hee!

  4. One more thing! Thanx for linking to my post. Cheers!

  5. @Fabrice Requin ~ that is the GFF #0034 - RX78GP036S Stamen & Weapon system. Check my review section for more shots

    @lovelyduckie ~ sorry to hear about your laptop :( I will keep my eye out for your sales :)

    @Dennis aka KAtsuden ~ I thought the diorama was pretty cool too. It is fun when we can share with our kids, though like you, I keep tight reins on my stuff as well.

    I had to link up with your post as it was a cool one as well. The details on them are so damn nice!

  6. I already have the msz-006 c1 zeta plus my next one shall be the vs assault buster mode.anyway,you display of the gundam family looks good.

  7. @eugene ~ I need to update the shot as I have a few more of the mini-gundams

  8. is it possible to get repeated figures from one box set? Did you get any repeat figures from this box set?


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