Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hyakka Ryouran / Samurai Girls

Anime Review for Episode one of Hyakka Ryouran / Samurai Girls

I have really been waiting for this to hit the airwaves. I really am getting into the figures and love how the characters are this series. Though taken off of Queen's Blade a bit, it is a totally different story and a much more believable one that QB (sorry girls). If you want a brief history or back story, check out Synergetic Beams Blog (no need retelling it again).

This is a different Anime as the style is outlined heavily. Some have said it looks too much like a comic book, but I actually enjoy the style. They use black ink a lot to symbolize blood and to fill in the areas that you REALLY REALLY want to see. Either that or you get the overly bright light over the good parts as well. I really hope they release the unaltered version for us perverts in the West. 

Want to know who the voice actor(esses) are, check out Hashihime as they have the character and voice match ups.

Starts off with the main characters attacking a group of Bombers and laying waste to them all. Didn't know that samurai's could fly. After that intro, you have your normal theme beginning.

The opening theme is very upbeat and shows a nice mix of glimpses to the characters. It is set during the Year 22 of Heisei Period. The beginning is actually the end of the episode as you will see later in the show.

We have Yagyuu Muneakira getting of the train and immediately starts a narrative about the school and why he came there. All the time he is taking pictures as he walks to the temple.  

Oh no, he didn't take a pic of these ladies undressed. We see the infamous "Black Blood Splat" that will plague us the entire show. Due to this, he gets more than he bargained for upon arriving. Almost feel sorry for the guy as you know what is coming next - right!

Now I can go on with more of the storyline and stuff, but I would not want to spoil the rest of it. They have some great fight scenes in this episode with some of the main characters. I like how they mix modern items into this period piece. They add in some humor in the scenes at the right time to make light of the situations. It is has a much darker feel to it as the scenes are not that brightly lite. I like this as well as it give you a bit of mysticism to the show as well.

It is definitely not Queen's Blade in any sense, but they do match the scenes with girls in the same way. It also seems to be a bit faster paced that QB and so far like what I am seeing. Still wish they get those damn blots and shiny light off the best parts - dammit!

I feel this is going to be a good Anime to watch and do recommend it to everyone to at least drop over and check out the1st episode for themselves.

Overall: B < only because the blot out the damn Boobies!!

If what I have shown so far was not enough to get your attention, then check out these last couple of screen shots - heehee:


  1. Interesting recommendation. Sound a bit like 'La Blue girls' on the less hardcore side. Lol...

  2. I got sucked in by the art style of the opening sequence, then by the voice actresses. It had a great start so I'm looking forward to the rest of it too, do hope it keeps going at this pace.

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ not sure about that, but still love the whole idea anyway

    @Persocom ~ I hope they keep the style and momentum going strong throughout

  4. Whooaaaa!!! This anime is cool... I would love to watch this for sure.... yum yum.... this new anime? only Episode 1 is out ?

  5. @David John Shrewbury ~ I know, only one episode so far has been translated - sooo much want more!


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