Friday, September 17, 2010

Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku Cosplayers

The winner of my Cosplayer Poll was Vocaloid. Though it shows a tie with Queen's Blade, my friend Sean was able to help break that tie via Twitter.It was an interesting race and really hoped I have more votes, but oh well.

I am always amazed by the talent these ladies have in putting these together. Look at the details alone for this costume, all the buttons and gadgets on her arm alone must be time consuming. Now for everyone's viewing pleasure, here are the lovely ladies that cosplayed as Hatsune Miku for us.

BTW: What the hell is up with the Damn Leeks? They are Leeks - right?





Yuichiro Nagashima

Who is your favorite Cosplayer this time around?


  1. Tough call here, I'll say it's a tie between Arisa and Shino. The leeks are like Miku's signature item.

  2. Hatsune Miku is indeed very nice character to cosplay. Thanks also to all the cosplayers who accurately cosplayed such a fine anime character :)

  3. @Persocom ~ it was hard to pick these as there are so many who cosplay her. Why the hell Leeks though??

    @cosplyer mimay ~ I think she has a lot of details and it is amazing that they got all those buttons on her sleeve. I also like the variations that they come up with as well outside her normal dress.

  4. Gave me a shock when I browsed towards the end of the post. Well, Vocaloid has been popular these days so as we could see a few Miku at almost every cosplay events.

  5. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I try to throw a ringer at the end :) still great cosplay however

  6. probably because they're green, maybe somewhat resembling her twin tails? I really don't know that's just how it happened xD

  7. Nice pictures, and my favorite out of the group, Mikuru Asahina!!!!!!

  8. @Bluedrakon indeed, cosplayers accurately cosplayed her costume specially the sleeves. But I think some just made sticker buttons?hehe... Plus the wigs are good too.

  9. @Persocom ~ I think that may be a plausible idea

    @Andrew L. Budney ~ I still have a thing for Kipi

    @cosplayer mimay ~ could be stickers - humm

  10. Some of the best Miku cosplays. I'm going with Kipi as my fave. She's really pretty.

    Never really understood the leeks either. I think it's a pretty common meme in anime in general, but never understood it..

  11. @Yi ~ Still don't get it, maybe makes you skin beautiful??

  12. my choice would be her ->

    *me runs* xD

  13. @rayneholde ~ that is on I would also have to admit is a great choice :P


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