Friday, October 22, 2010

Cosplay: KOS-MOS from Xenosaga

We will be showcasing KOS-MOS, a Battle Android with some unique capabilities from Xenosaga. Not only was this a Game, but they also turned it into a 12 episode Anime series as well.

I went a different route this time and got a better mix of this character to show all of you. Not only do we have KOS-MOS, but also some of her weapons that she used. Some of the lovely ladies went out of their way to really bring this to life. The last set of shots really show you the dedication of some of them - WOW!

I am starting off with Jia Gold Bustamante as she won at the Asia Cosplay Meet. She ended up winning the title Finest Cosplayer in Asia on July 27, 2010. If you think she was a veteran, think again. She was only 13 years old when she won and started cosplaying November of 2009 ~ you read that right folks!

If you want to see the actual performance she did to win, check out the YouTube Video. Big congrats to her and keep an eye on this rising Cosplayer.



Etaru Kaumoto




Other Stuff

Like always, got any favorites from this post?


  1. All these cosplay are awesome especially the valkyrja & vehicle. Thank you for all the pics!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I have to agree with Valkyrja as she really does have a dolls face if you look closely at her.

  3. There is just something I love about women with blue hair ;-) lol

  4. @Seantaku ~ speaking of blue hair, I am working on a blog about the different hair colors in Anime - which is a lot.

  5. I do like those wings...but Infini wins for me.

  6. Wow they even did the bike for her. That is more than cosplay!

  7. @lovelyduckie ~ she did do a great cosplay in that outfit

    @LEon ~ I know, the bike is killer and I want one myself to ride

  8. Valkyrja is my favorite! What I'm most impressed with though are all the gears and stuff they had. That bike is incredible!

  9. @Yi ~ I loved all the gear they used and think it really does add that extra BANG to the overall player

  10. Amazing collection of pics! Xenosaga is one of my favorite game series on the PS2. I'm a pretty hardcore fan. Was fun looking at all the KOS-MOS cosplay pics, good job at collecting them!

    The one where the cosplayer also had the vehicle thingy from epII is pretty insane. XD

  11. Congrats to our Filipina Cosplayer Jia Gold Bustamante! A very creative and young girl and friendly too :)

  12. @Hikaru Kazushime ~ I have to say doing the research is sometimes draining and time consuming. But on the flip side, the lovely ladies I find, really make it worth while.

    @Cosplayer Mimay ~ I was amazed by not only her cosplay of her, but that she was so young and new to the craft. Really hoping to see more from her soon.

  13. It's like Alodia is Son Gokou and Jia is Son Goten. Son Goten made it to become Super Saiyan in a very young age. Cosplayers are getting younger in this Art. :)

    I'll definitely post her too in Cosplayer Studio :)


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