Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wasabi Popcorn at Wal-mart?

I have found Pocky and Wasabi Peas at Wal-mart before. It was nice having this convenience at such a large chain (stop hating wally world). But I had to do a double take when I saw these in a big center display. It had bags of Wasabi Popcorn - OMFG - popcorn with Wasabi, how did that make it to the main stream?

It was made by Popcorn, Indiana which I have honestly not heard of before. Not that I buy my popcorn in bags anyway, but still. It is part of their Reserve line and you can get more details at the website. We had to give it a go, well I did as my wife stays away from it and my son is in bed as I write this.

Cracked that Bag of Goodness
I didn't notice anything different with the smell - just plain popcorn. I guess I was expecting a strong wasabi or nori smell. The look of it is also not that impressive either. I was thinking maybe a green color would of been nice. You can see some parsley (Nori would of been too expensive to use?) and a bit of yellowish coloring.

With that aside, the taste does grab you right when you start eating it with the defined wasabi taste. I have to say I have a love.hate relationship with that immediate burning sensation. It was however not as hot as I expected either and does fizzle out quickly. It is a quick flash of taste and then it is gone as quickly as it happened :(

Bowl Full of Goodness

Rating: B

This is not that bad and a great snack when you have your next Anime Movie night. If I get over there again, I may be buying several bags to stock up for later. I gave it a "B" because you still get those damn kernels stuck in your teeth - ARG!!!


  1. 1st time I heard of Wasabi flavoured popcorn. I never like Wasabi and caramel goes best with popcorn for me. Nice try...

  2. I'm trying to imagine the flavor of wasabi with the texture of popcorn... It seems so weird.

  3. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I like caramel popcorn as well, but this is a diff experience

    @Yi ~ it is a bit odd, especially with the kernels getting stuck

  4. O...kay... wasabi-flavour popcorns... That's new.
    But too bad the taste/hell's sensation (the lack of word for it XD) dissipates quickly.
    Over here we have (readily) wasabi'd fried peas. Some of them are the "meh~" type, except a few that makes you go HUUAAAAAAAAARGH~! in a manly way XD

    Stucked kernels... ugh...

  5. @bd77 ~ I guess for the masses, they had to keep that wonderful AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sensation to a low point ;)

  6. I'm surprised there is pop corn with wasabi taste. I've only try wasabi pasta just a little but can't find where is the good thing from that burning sensation

  7. @Psycho ~ I guess it is a unique taste and really clears my sinuses of stopped up. The wasabi flavor on the popcorn is not overwhelming so you can eat a bowl full if necessary.

  8. Wasabi Popcorn is the best!!


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