Saturday, January 08, 2011

Idea for Hood

I need everyone to chime on this little idea.

I have been looking to Itasha my new car and this is my next brain storm. It wopuld be for the hood of the car and I think it may work. I made the picture a bit dark to match the real color of my grey car.

I still have no idea where the cash is coming for this, but we need to dream BIG!

I am also looking for Yoko's Skull and the Japanese script Gurren Lagann Logos - let me know if you know a good link :)


  1. Looks pretty good to me actually, though I have a feeling it would cost a hell of a lot. Also, who would do it for you?

  2. I just watched Gurren Lagann by chance on Animax yesterday and I could understand why you like the anime so much. It's quite impressive really...

  3. @Gina Lucia ~ There is a local shop about 30 minutes up the road from me. I do need to get pricing and hope it is not that much O_o

    Dennis afa Katsuden ~ The Mecha alone in that series is wild, but the story really gets ya.

  4. It looks ok, but you're not going to do the sides? They would be more noticeable ;)
    Or is this in addition to the sides? xD

  5. I preferred just leaving it as the image you had along the side of the car.

  6. @anonymous_object ~ I do have some ideas for the sides (see link in blog), but still having a hard time with that. found the hood and back windows. Looks like it will be a spring/summer project as too damn cold for that now

    @lovelyduckie ~ I am guess I am so much excited about this project, I can't figure it all out :(

  7. If it was me who wanted an anime themed car, I'd go for Elfen Lied, with Lucy's vectors all over the doors :D

  8. @undeadinfinity ~ nice pick and that would look cool on a black car as well


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