Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Queen's Blade Card Collecting

I have had a binder full of Queen's Blade Illustration and Gaming cards. I was really into it when they came out and worked feverishly to get them. It was an expensive task I must say perusing eBay, and normal Japanese sites to get boxes. I got a binder for them for the 9 card sleeves and just enjoyed opening the foil packs to see what wonders were in them.

First were the Illustration cards I believe. They were a bit of an odd size at about 55mm by 84mm or I think the size of a phone card (but not sure). Each had a full color front with their names and then the book statistics on the back. Like all illustration card sets, there were chase cards as well (rare cards). What made this a bit old fashion for me was that they came 1 card to a pack with a checklist and piece of gum (wrapped as well). I did get the regular series fine, but the special cards, not so much.

Then came the Gaming cards. It is pretty much the book pages in card format. Since I could not afford all the books, why not try this direction. I got boxes from the first 2 series at a reasonable price and got most of them all. Then came the 3rd series and the box prices nearly doubled. When they released series 4 and 5, I was exhausted and stopped collecting them. With the duplicates I had, they were either sold or traded to other collectors I could find.

On top of it all, to get all the promo cards, you needed to buy other stuff as well. I did manage to get some though through normal channels (eBay - LOL). Then there was the Pre-build set boxes that came with the regular series (usually 2 different ones). This did give me some rares, but a large amount of dups as well.

This brings me to what happened the other day. It seemed someone found my card list on my website Green Dragons Den (showcases my original art collection). I have a page setup for my card collections there. From all the way around the world in Australia, they wanted to know if I would trade. Since they have been doing nothing and not sure what to I was going to do with them, I will be trading some of them. I hope to get some cards for my Ghost in the Shell Amada series that I can't find.

Now what this means for you - if anyone knows someone who wants to start or is collecting these cards, drop me a line. As you can see I am open to international shipping. I will trade singles or sell the whole damn collection to any interested party.

For those wondering, Yes, they are Near Mint/Mint condition and are from a smoke free home.

UPDATE: Only have some of the 2nd Series QB Card Game left as everything has been sold off.


  1. I like the characters from Queen's Blade but too shy to buy the figurines. Cards will be easier to conceal. Hee! Hee!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I have 4 figures so far

  3. Ooh nice collection. The Queen's Blade cards look great, especially when lined up in a binder like that. ^ ^

    Good luck with trading and selling.

  4. @Yi ~ I really like the illustration cards the most.

  5. I'm 45 male. I just started getting into Queen's Blade PVC figure collecting. I watch the cartoons also. Ain't nuffin wrong with that. Dennis go buy the figures man who cares what anyone says?

    1. I have sadly sold all my cards now as moved on to other stuff, but still have some of the figures. I also need to catch up on my DVD/blu-rays of the anime.


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