Friday, February 04, 2011

Asuka and Rei Shunya Yamashita Style, Part 2

Here is my second part of the series showcasing Rei and Asuka cosplay (Part 1). I have to say that Shunya Yamashita really is a stunning artist and brings these ladies to life like no other.

To me, Yamashita gives you a future view of both of them in a more mature setting and no to shabby at that. I used to have the Rei figure, but had to sell it. It is one time I wished I had not done that and kept her. It was quite a fetching figure to own.

Lets get on with the show:



Hiyoko-chan and Rikku-chan-Ari

Sheena Tan

Other Sources: PhiAnime


  1. Wow! Many sexy pics that come to life from the gals of EVA! Thx bro!

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ Wait till you see the next 3 weeks with girls cosplaying as Yamashita characters

  3. Wow you never fail to sell sexiness... You should have "Sexy" on your labels :)

  4. Pretty decent set of cosplay photos this time as always. There sure are a lot of EVA cosplays.

  5. @Cosplayer Mimay ~maybe I should have that in my labels, but then no one would look at the other blogs ;)

    @Yi ~It seems to be a popular cosplay for sure. But those clothes can;t be that easy to wear as plastic does not breath very well.

  6. The unknown cosplayer was "Sheena Tan" from Philippines :D

  7. @Anonymous ~ thanks for the heads up - I have update those shots to Sheena Tan with links :D


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