Friday, March 18, 2011

Gundam Girls Cosplayers

When I went looking for Gundam Cosplay, I figured I see some great Mecha. Now I have to say there was a large amount of people that did some damn awesome cosplay.

What I was amazed by however, was the amount of Gundam Girls (and Zaku for that matter) that were cosplaying the Gundam Characters. I will actually have 3 weeks of Gundam and Zaku girls that definitely need to be shown some attention.

Without further a-do, lets get the show in the road.



Naga Zmeyuka

Krizelle Uychinco
(Designer: polidread)


Unknown Duo

Sources: Gears Online | Gundamer | Jeong Hong Taek


  1. This is something you don't see often, but it's really a pretty awesome idea. Almost seem like feminized versions of Gundam. Cute. ^ ^

  2. @Yi ~ I heard once you go Mecha you never go back :D

  3. Awesome posting on Gundam cosplaying. Those gals are great and I hope to get my hands on their armor and weapons. Especially the Hyper Bazooka! Lol...

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I have more cool cosplay coming across the next couple of weeks

  5. Gundam Girls are so sexy! Want to see some big guns and swords :)

  6. I agree on Ana Cruz! Go Cosplayer Girls! :)

  7. @Ana Cruz ~ This was nothing like I expected as I was sure that guys only did this.

    @Cosplayer Mimay ~ Wait until this weeks.

  8. wow thanks for including pictures of me! :) <3


  9. @BonkersJune ~ how could we not include you in with these other lovely ladies of Gundam Cosplay. I appreciate the note :D


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