Friday, April 15, 2011

Cosplay: Final Fantasy XIII Shiva Bike

I so much wanted this figure and did a quick review of it a while ago. It is the twin Shiva sisters, Styria and Nix. As seen in the game, the sisters can be transformed into their Gestalt mode. This was actually ridden by Snow in the story.

I am still hoping to get this figure one day as I think it is one of the coolest concepts. When I thought this could not get better, someone went ahead and designed this for cosplay.

I not only found one pair of lovely ladies to cosplay this, but actually 2. TWO pairs that had the crazy idea to cosplay as the Sexy Shiva Bike. I know you would rather look, than read, so lets get on with the show.

I have to hand it to Lionel for this design as well as Scruffy Rebel and Ellome for the stunning cosplay. I have to admit that this is one of my favorite cosplays. They even have several videos that show them letting people 'sit' on them to be posed with.

Now lets get to this next pair of lovely ladies. They are Melting-Mirror and HexReedFly who knew how to take these ladies to the top of there game as well. I like the outdoor shots taken with these ladies.

Now it is up to you to make the choice on which it your favorite. Good luck on that as both groups did a bang up job.

Sources: Darkain Multimedia | gameinformer |


  1. I really love this cosplay! I think this might be one of the most unique and probably one of my favorites I've seen. It's just so fascinating and so complex. Super awesome!

  2. @Yi ~ This was by far the most interesting cosplay I have posted. I loved the fact that the one group could actually change to the bike version.

  3. Impressive cosplay that exhibited complexity as well as artistic. I have not play the FF game about have ever come across the toy. Kind of different to find even in Singapore recently.

  4. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ I still want the toy version of this, but not sure I have the $$ to do it right now


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