Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here in the US we are celebrating Easter today. My son's day will be filled with Easter Egg hunting and eating all the candy out of his Easter Basket.

I hope he finds all the real eggs, or else it will be a rotten egg that gets found later in the year. We will be counting them as they come back in :)

We also have some plastic eggs that will be filled with toys and more chocolate eggs for him. Maybe he may even find one or two with some cash.

Figured it has been a while that I had a sexy picture holiday post. For that reason, I will let these lovely ladies take it from here, Ladies . . .

"Here are some cute Easter pics"

"These are the lonely bunnies,
please stop by to wish them a Happy Easter"

"the dark side of bunnies - scary"

"Gamer Bunny!"

"Harem Bunnies - they do populate fast"

"*sigh* - ecchi bunnies, he is such a perv!"

"That's all for us Bunny Girls to show you today"

"How was your Easter?"


  1. I don't celebrate Easter but I enjoy the day spending with family and those anime bunny gals sure cheer me up even more. enjoy your day!

  2. My son had fun looking for the hidden eggs filled with goodies :)

  3. Very late, but I do appreciate super cute bunny girls. ^ ^
    Anyway, hope you had a good one!


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