Friday, May 13, 2011

Cosplay: Dominium Tank Police

Lets keep rolling with the Masamune Shirow cosplay.

We will tale a look now at his manga works. Today we will hit on Dominion: Tank Police.

If you are not familiar with this, it was a cute story about a police force and its 'little' tanks. Sometimes it gave you a Keystone Cops feel while reading it which lead to some some funny scenes. It of course has a strong female lead that does her best to keep her tank and the others moving forward no matter the issues at hand.

How can we do cosplay about tanks? Well, I am glad you asked this mind numbing question. There were some hot villains that got your blood pumping in this series. Luckily for us, we have a nice selection of cosplay of those characters who's names were AnnaPuma and UniPuma.

Lets take a look at some cosplayers that helped to bring these lovely characters to life.

Jai*Jem (Uni Puma)

Taryn (AnaPuma)
Who is UmiPuma?

Do you know these cosplayer?

Jai*Jem & Heza Chan


  1. The double image just make the cosplayers look like twins. The spikes on the shoulder reminds me of Zaku and those Tina Turner's hair - Striking.....

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ yea, I have to agree, but the manga was fro the 80's so the Tina Turner hair is a must :)


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