Friday, May 27, 2011

Cosplay: Fruits Basket - Kyo Souma

It has been a rough week and I had a mind dump and could not think of anything for this Friday's blog. Maybe it was the stuffed belly and a couple beers, but really not sure.

I asked my wife if she had any ideas and said "How about a Fruits Basket cosplay?". Funny how I was thinking this the same time she answered. She loves this and really became a huge fangirl of the series. "What character do you want?", I asked. Immediately she said "Kyo Souma and I want to get an orange cat too!". Well, not a direct quote, but pretty much along these lines.

This is not something I would pick, but you need to go outside your comfort zone sometimes. I found it interesting that the ladies played this character who is actually male in the series. This will be the first cosplay post with Male cosplayers as well. It is interesting sometimes trying to figure that out in these shots though.

Lets get on with the show:


  1. I have heard of this manga and in my impression it's kind of a fanboy manga. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. @ Dennis aka Katsuden ~ no correction needed - remember, this was my wife's pick. Sometimes you need to let the other half enjoy.


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