Tuesday, May 24, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Gundam Fix Figuration

Seems that eBay is my new stomping grounds for Gundam Fix Figurations. I have been dropping a few dollars there, but have 8 new ones. For you viewing pleasure today is a unique one however.

At the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con International, there was a Limited Edition Gundam Fix Figuration. From what I know, it was limited to 1000 pieces. It was a RX-78-2 Gundam "Ver.Ka". It was in a small box and made with a clear blue plastic. Everything in this set was done like that including the stand.

I was extremely excited to get this one. I was very much looking forward to playing with the lighting to see what I could get. They spared no details on this as it is a fully functional Gundam. I was surprised that they even had extra laser handles in the shield.

I had an issue where the arms kept coming off. It was annoying at times, but was able to get them to work. I have to say, some of the shots didn't come out as I had hoped. You got your normal accessories with this. It included a Shield, Beam Rifle, Light Sabres, 5 Hands and the base.

Clear model and lighting was not in my forte of stuff I had experience with. I tried to do the light from underneath and it was 'ok'.

Still, here are more shots that I hope you will enjoy.

I had fun with the shadows as well since I had a strong spotlight.

I was able to build and do a photo shoot with the Gundam Fix Figuration 0014 ~ Ex-S Gundam [Task Force alpha]. I hope to have those up next week.

How many of the Gundam Fix Figurations do you own?


  1. Super rare and limited! This Gundam looks like one in ice sculpt. Congrats to a new addition to your G.F.F collection. Looking forward to your next Gundam G.F.F post on Ex-S Gundam.

  2. @Dennis aka Katsuden ~ you are right, it does look like an ice sculpture! Hope to have that post up next week


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